The Momentum Hub is a container village located within the Vector Wero Whitewater Park and provides a multi-faceted platform to enable leadership development, education and social innovation opportunities. Within this transformational facility, likeminded Not for Profit Organisations are clustered to collaborate and share resources on the delivery of programs focused on the needs of our youth and young leaders.


It provides a venue for programme delivery and fundraising initiatives increasing community participation within current sustainable resources.  Rent-free office space inclusive of power and internet is provided to all of the organisations within the Hub.


The Momentum Hub is powered by Joyce Fisher Charitable Trust and managed by Second Nature Charitable Trust. It was opened by Prime Minister Bill English in February 2017 to much acclaim. 

The Trusts are:

  1. Big Buddy 

  2. CLM Community Sport

  3. Hillary Outdoors

  4. John Walker Find Your Field of Dreams

  5. Life Education Trust

  6. Manukau Beautification Trust

  7. The Rising Foundation

  8. Tawai Takapiri Connect Futures NZ

  9. YMCA North

Is it also the headquarters of Canoe Slalom New Zealand.


In 2019, the Momentum Hub Leadership Academy was founded to offer an insightful approach to leadership development as well as personal and professional well-being in a safe learning environment. Mursheen Khan of Al-Madinah School says “my experience in the academy was an epic journey where I learned to embark on the path to my leadership skills while also focusing on my spiritual, mental, and social well-being.”


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